Some Statistics

Dr Antoinette Basson from the Youth Research unity of UNISA did a study on the extent and impact of pornography on children in South Africa. In this short video she shares some of the results of studies done under her guidance at UNISA .

Support for Research on this silent ‘pandemic’ in SA is sorely needed as the impact on children can no longer be ignored or denied. 

Follow the link below to “Fight the new Drug” for studies done abroad but for starters here are some basic statistics that speak for themselves:

Average age of first exposure to pornography: 8 years

Males 14-18 who have viewed pornography: 84,4%

Females 14-18 who have viewed pornography: 57%

Scenes showing acts of physical aggression or violence: 88.2%

Scenes containing verbal aggression: 48.7%

Women as targets of aggression: 97% of the time

Number of  titles describing acts of sexual violence to first time visitors: 1 in 8