The Gift DVD Series and Workbook – Christopher West


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Based on John Paul II’s profound teaching and presented by world-renowned speaker and author Christopher West, The Gift is a comprehensive system designed to lay a firm foundation for those who desire to learn and incorporate the Theology of the Body into their daily lives.

An Introduction to the Theology of the Body: Discovering the Master Plan for Your Life, is an eight-part, four-hour study designed to give you a solid understanding of God’s plan for humanity–a plan stamped right into our bodies.

Most people have heard the “whats” of Catholic teaching, but very few have ever heard the “whys.” With profound insight, Christopher West demonstrates that the Church’s teaching on human sexuality makes sense, and, in fact, is the very “logic” of Christianity—because it corresponds perfectly with the deepest stirrings and desires of the human heart. This study is for everyone searching for their ultimate purpose in life.


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