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Every day boys and young men are bombarded with messages and images that encourage them to make sexual impurity a way of life. And since it looks like so much fun, they can easily be made to feel as if they’re foolishly missing out on something really great.However, Jason Evert s Pure Manhood will help them to see things in a new light. Best of all, it will give them the spiritual tools they need to stay pure or to return to purity. Author: Jason Evert

If you’ve ever tried to talk to a young girl about purity and chastity, especially one who’s just entering high school, you know how difficult it can be. Finding the right words to let her know about all of the temptations and pressures she’ll be facing as she grows up can prove quite a task. What if you could give her something to read that she’d enjoy — and believe? Now you can. “Pure Womanhood” focuses on the concerns and difficulties faced specifically by girls. From questions such as “What guy wants a pure girl?” to “It’s my body; isn’t it my choice?”, Crystalina Evert addresses these challenges in a most engaging way: through sharing her own experiences and how she eventually turned her life around. Crystalina’s story raises many questions about the challenges our young people face every day — and the answers she provides will give girls plenty to think about. Whether the young women you know have yet to discover the ways of the world or if they’ve already made mistakes and are heading down a destructive path, “Pure Womanhood” gives them the reasons — and the assurance — that chastity is the right choice and that it’s never too late to start over. With her powerful testimony and blunt words of wisdom, Crystalina restores a young woman’s hope for love. She shows that real love is possible, regardless of the past. Get your copies of this marvelous booklet today!

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Pure Manhood, Pure Womanhood


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