FFPandFThe Foundation for the Person and the Family is a registered non-profit organisation launched in 2011. All “Theology of the Body SA” activities are conducted under the banner of the Foundation for the Person and the family. One of the fundamental functions of the Foundation is to provide “Theology of the Body” related materials and resources to South Africa and her neighbours at an affordable price. It is with this mission in mind that the Foundation purchases the rights to copy, publish and distribute materials from international sources. To browse our catalog please visit our store by clicking here. To find out a little more about the the seminars, talks and retreats we run please click here


The Foundation for the Person and the Family is dedicated to promote, protect and serve human life and the family in a manner that is consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church as set out in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Familiaris Consortio, Evangelium Vitae and Humanae Vitae and through the promotion and teaching of the catechises of Pope John Paul II which is known as the “Theology of the Body”.

The Launch of The Foundation for the Person and the Family at St Charles Borromeo Catholic Church

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