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Guest contributor, Stephanie Chigumba, shares her experience of a talk by Christopher West:

question photoAs a university student, the topic of sex and love are usually quite a big part of life’s conversations and this usually comes with a lot of confusion and anger at the laws I want to break. The TOB conference felt like a cool drink when I didn’t even know I was super thirsty.

The conference touched on essentially everything in the catechism and in the end gave me one neatly packaged statement that has become my new Mantra in life, “God wants to marry me.” It seems so simple but it’s a statement loaded with mercy and a great love story. Christopher West also addressed key questions such as what are our desires meant for? Why is sexual immorality so rampant in our society? Why do humans hurt each other so much? Considering how quickly science is evolving with a disappearing ethics line, Christopher also explained how medicine and technology should seek to restore natural order and not replace or destroy it. These are some of the topics that I was most curious about and I learnt a lot.

Overall it was a life changing conference that answered a lot of burning society problems without judgement or condemning anyone and made me rethink how I want to live my life.

-by Stephanie Chigumba-

Guest Author


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