Jesus: Will You Marry Me?

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propose photoGuest contributor, Stephie Djangi, shares her experience of Christopher West’s seminar:

Living the Joy of Love seminar has planted many seeds in different aspects of my life.  I was quite surprised when Christopher West said that the entire Bible could be summarised in 5 Words. 73 books in just 5 Words: “God wants to marry us“.

As Christopher kept unfolding the mystery of the Theology of the body and frequently repeating these 5 words, they started resonating within me. I pictured Jesus on the Cross asking: “Will you marry me?”
At the end of the first day when I met him, Christopher asked what stood out for us. I told him about the “proposal“. He asked me: “Did you say yes“?  “Don’t leave him hanging” he said.

I was staggered that I actually hadn’t said yes. All that came to my mind was “I have commitment issues“. Christopher advised that I should tell Him about my issues and let Him woo me.

I never thought that I’d ever leave Jesus “hanging“. I thought I’d say yes to Jesus anytime. That day, I had discovered that the Lord was calling me to a much deeper relationship. I might have been in a “good space” with Him but that was not enough. I was not ready to truly give myself freely, totally, faithfully and fruitfully.

I am still not ready and yet I have some light in aspects of our relationship that needs to be improved.  It’s a new journey that will require some sacrifice and a lot of trust. It’s a journey that I am willing to take.

The seminar was also an invitation to reopen my eyes to God’s creation, and “see” its beauty. After the seminar, I reconnected with a rock that I used to sit on in the summer evenings. Lately, it has been a great spot for me to get away from my life, speak to the Creator and admire His creation. After all, if God wants to marry us, we need more “date nights“.


By Stephie Djangi


Guest Author


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