Christopher West – A Beautiful Renewal

Guest Author

Guest contributor, Rumbie Mawela,  shares what she learnt at the Christopher West “Living the Joy of Love” weekend seminar:

I expected Christopher West’s weekend retreat to be a beautiful renewal of what I already believed the Church’s teachings to be, and although it was all that and more, I learnt a lot more about our faith and myself. The talks made me realize that this path of chastity that my partner and I are on, is difficult for everyone, which is something you usually don’t hear about; these things tend to just be brushed over since very few people are open about the faults in their relationships. I learnt that sainthood is attainable for all of us, even for the perfectionists like me. Overall ToB and the retreat specifically enabled me to give a human face to the church. Catholics aren’t perfect and I realize now that each person, no matter how religious and spiritual has a story.


Rumbie Mawela

Guest Author


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