An Unforgettable 1 May

Lynette Osiemo

It was a beautiful 1st of May, many years ago now.

How fast time flies, they say; they are so right… Yet it still feels like yesterday

I remember the occasion, it was the annual ABCD Rally, and that year we – ACTS Tuks – were the proud hosts

I remember Lebo urging us to turn up and sing for the Mass; it was an earnest call for a noble cause, so show up I did

I remember the Mass, and the main celebrant who preached the homily; what encouraging words he had for the young girls: that they could indeed set high standards in their relationships, and get worthy lads to jump however high was necessary to meet them. Wise words they were, spoken so intelligently and convincingly.

As the Mass ended and the echoes of our beautiful singing (it WAS beautiful!!) hung in the air, I was ready to go home…

Then I remember idly looking at the noticeboard as I walked out of the Church, and seeing the Theology of the Body talk listed in the day’s program for some time in the afternoon

Whatever is it, I wondered – and made up my mind to stay on, moved by curiosity – or the Spirit (I do not know!)

I would stay on and listen to whatever someone had to say about something so strange as a Theology of the Body

I remember the lunch – a simple wors sandwich… And I remember seeing him, our ToB speaker (Adrian, I later learnt his name was), standing under a tree some distance away, looking somewhat serious… pensive, thoughtful – as if in prayer

Then came the session.

I remember the decade of the Rosary that we recited before starting the talk, the invocation of the Holy Spirit, and the short prayer he said… This is going to be serious, I thought

I remember the talk – oh I do.

I remember the references from the Bible, from Genesis to Matthew to Ephesians; about Adam and Eve and Jesus and the Pharisees and their clever questions; about love and the love of husband and wife, and that of Christ and His Church… Verses that I had read and heard about many times over, but which now came alive in a new way

And I remember the pin-drop silence… and the awe on many faces as I looked around the room wondering if anyone was as amazed as I was.

I remember the questions afterwards, and the answers, and the feeling I had that this was the beginning of a wonderful journey I could not wait to continue …

And so today, another 1st of May, many years down the line I joyfully toast to the awesome beauty of ToB

Here’s to the Saint who let God use him to bring us this inspiring teaching.

Here’s to the souls who said yes to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit and could not sit still until they had passed on the message to us.

Here’s to all the ToB loonies! All those wonderful people whose love for ToB has made our paths cross – in real life or otherwise; what joy to know that you are out there, and that we share in the beauty, truth and goodness that ToB helps us see all around us.

And here’s to all those who in time will come to believe and be happy and set out to make others happy through the beautiful gift of themselves…

Because we never stopped believing and defied all odds to make them know what we now know, and what changed our world forever.



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