Stations of the Cross during Holy Week: South African Edition

Marie-Anne te Brake

Much has happened in South Africa in the last week and there is a feeling of hopelessness and dread as we try to make sense of our Democracy and its leadership.  Hope must be revived but we know this can only be done through Christ.  During  Holy week we will reflect on the Passion and Death of Jesus by reflecting on two Stations a day.  Let us pray for a True transformation of our country and its leaders!

1. Jesus is condemned to Death

We adore you o Christ and we praise You:

Because by Your holy cross You have redeemed the world

We live in a country where so many are condemned to poverty and hardship, both physically and emotionally, despite the wealth of our resources. Many human lives are lost daily through violence, abuse, suicide, abortion and drugs.  Our common human dignity calls us to live in communion and solidarity with one another. How are we ourselves doing this?


2. Jesus Carries his cross

We adore you o Christ and we praise You:

Because by Your holy cross You have redeemed the world

We all have crosses to bear – some heavier than others.  We will be surprised by what we find, if we truly seek the face of Christ among those who are suffering and struggling, and we will discover something new about ourselves.  We will discover our riches, what it truly means to be poor, and what it means to pick up our cross and follow in the way of Christ.

Marie-Anne te Brake

About Marie-Anne te Brake

Happily married to Christo since 1980, mother of 4, and has half a dozen grandchildren! Enthusiastic Catholic, Lay Counselor, Sexuality Educator, Theology of the Body enthusiast and Chairperson of Foundation for the Person and the Family

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