I met Myself on the Street Today – A poem by Lee Snow

Marie-Anne te Brake

I met myself on the street today – a Poem by Lee Snow

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”Yet when I hoped for good, evil came; when I looked for light then came darkness” ~ Job 30:26

I have asked myself why bad things happen to good people so many times over the past 29 years, always thinking that I must be a bad person because of what was done to me, because that is what they told me, and I truly believed that the way I was raised was the “right” way. It eventually led me to a point where I disassociated myself from myself…

I met myself on the street today
I was looking rather pale
My eyes were red, my hair unwashed
I didn’t look too well…
I tried to find the courage
To ask me what was wrong
I’ve known myself for quite some time now
We used to get along
She looked at me with anger
I’ve never seen me this way
My cold green eyes were full of hate
I had to turn and look away
She told me she was suffering
From choices that I’d made
I said to her you make your bed
She screamed why do you hurt me?
Why should I be so sad?
What did I do to deserve this pain?
Have I really been that bad?
If love can move a mountain
If love solves everything
Why the hell am I so lonely?
Why the hell did you give in?
I wish I knew the answer
My logic turns to dust
Sometimes there’s no good reason
Sometimes love is not enough
She left me standing at in the street
Don’t think we’ll meet again
How can I live without me?
How will this story end?

I wrote this poem in 2013 before I learnt that what was done to me was wrong and there are people who care and can help if you just ask and ask and ask, just never give up.
Since asking for help I have come to realize that my life has just began, the life I was meant to have, the life that I choose to live, not the one that was chosen for me by others.
I still make mistakes every day because I was not taught right from wrong and I am still on the long journey of healing, learning about and finding myself.

I have people who care for me and want to help and guide me because I took the first step and I asked for help.
Ask for help and join me on the path to recovery from the effects of ongoing rape and abuse –

I know what they have done to you because I was there, it was done to me too.

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  • Diana Chigumba
    Diana Chigumba

    Than you for being so brave, the poem resonates

  • Lynette

    Love it. I wonder what made you ask for help – what was the turning point. I know many people who suffer but cannot seem to get the courage or whatever it takes to ask for help. What does it take (to ask for help) – and how can another help?

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