Love – a poem

Diale Mabitsela

The word that seems to fit.
When my eyes caress her form
and my heart leaps like the baby John
Love is the word that seems to fit.

I love you
The phrase that seems to fit.
When my ears perceive his bold words of honour
and my heart involuntarily blooms bright like a rose
I love you is the phrase that seems to fit.

But Honestly!

Can we even use that word? or that phrase?
For if Love consists in desiring the best for the other
doing something about it,
Can I be sure that I actually love you.

Honestly, It feels too much as though I am with you
for me.

And no I do not intend to take from what you will not give,
But perhaps my first desire, in this relationship
is not your good,
but mine?
And even if it were,
Would i be so willing, at this stage
do something about it
Or wouldn’t I?

So it seems I do not l Love you
or do I?
It seems more like I want you
than I love you?
As the songs say
“I WANT you in my life”

And yet, even if I concede to not loving you
how do I define this feeling?
How do I explain the emptiness I feel in your absence
or the inability to dislodge my tongue in your presence
‘Like’ is not enough, For I like many people

But You!
You move me, somehow, from within
You enchant my thinking, And unravel my reasoning
You’ve undressed my heart and have made it yours
Yours, that’s what I want
to be yours

I, I, I… Love you?
Surely, this is not the word!
and yet
No other word seems to fit?

(Brief Commentary)

In order for the poem to work I’ve left it here without resolution. But the resolution may be this. The intense feeling of attraction we feel regularly I believe is God’s great mistrust of our use of free will.

So He ensures that we be insanely attracted to each other even to the point of wanting to say “I love you” So that we may follow the call to do as he does and Give our Lives away in Love to each other. This at least is my hypothesis.

More intelligent things can be said about authentic chemistry and inauthentic superficial fantasy (which is bad news as far as I’m concerned) by smarter people. But the general idea of this offering is to begin some reflections on what it means to have ‘feelings’ so that we might engage in a conversation about them to better understand them and so better make use of them to help us get to Holiness.


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