No Friends, no Faith

Diale Mabitsela
skeeze / Pixabay

skeeze / Pixabay

I can’t remember which video but I distinctly remember being hit by a thought from one of these YouTub-evangelists that Jesus didn’t tell any of the disciples to write anything down, and nor did he tell them explicitly to start a church in the formal, official sense. Instead he told them to tell i.e. tell the world about him or to give witness about him i.e. to tell about what THEY HAVE SEEN. Elsewhere in the bible he justifies the trust he has in them by highlighting that “You too are witnesses for you have BEEN WITH me from the beginning”. Again if we look to the beginning of his relationship with the twelve, the fundamental question asked by Jesus: “What do you want?”, was responded to by Andrew and John with: “Where do you STAY”.

The words that jumpy to my mind about all of this circulate around the theme of RELATIONSHIP: BEING WITH, SEEING, EXPERIENCING, ENCOUNTERING, TOGETHERNESS, PROXIMITY, SHARING, CO-HABITATION (the controversial version not withstanding).

As an open ended question to you (indeed these are but ramblings in my cranium): Is it fair to say that Jesus did not create a cohort of 12 followers but rather a group of friends, a fellowship, a crew, a scheme (for all my black/township friends [wink wink]) a little family of brothers and in the extended circles, sisters?

If so, then perhaps something profound is being said about evangelisation as well as the SUSTENANCE of the spiritual life (I reckon it is a fault to believe that one who is with Christ will remain with Christ forever regardless – He who is not fed does die). I can say with certainty that I have faith because of the friends that the faith has given to me and the experiences that I’ve been allowed to share with these friends. Were it not for these, I can positively say that I would have no true faith which is the only faith worth having. There is little more effective a thing we can do in living out chastity than to immerse ourselves more than often, indeed baptise ourselves more constantly in the company of faith-filled friends, even till we are drenched in the spirit of their fellowship.

It is to attain immeasurable wealth to do this and to commit suicide to fail.

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  • Megan

    Diale, this is so true. Without the network of friends in faith I wouldn’t have come to know and understand my faith the way I do now and also been motivated to learn more about my faith. Also I think it’s once you stop thinking of GOD as a negative authority figure but rather as a friend within that community that you also see your faith and love for that faith and indeed your religion grow. Its not knowledge that grows it but a relationship and love that grows your faith.

  • Diana Chigumba
    Diana Chigumba

    That is so true, may faith is intertwined with the people i share it with, we are all on the same journey, towards eternal life and only if we help each other do we all get there, we cannot help experience the love of god when in relationship with others, and it’s impossible to feel this love by ourselves.

  • Phomello

    Wow too true hey!!!! Its a treasure to have friends who are really on this journey with you…survival tool for some of us….

  • yvonne maponga
    yvonne maponga

    So beautiful Diale. Right friends always bring the true light out of us. Let God’s wisdom help us to choose the right people around us. May we ourselves continue trying to be better people and bring the greater light of Christ all over.

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