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Moses Goosen

Theology of the Body is a teaching about our true identity, which is tied to our individual dignity. It says that we were created by LOVE for LOVE.  It is a teaching that reminds ALL OF US that no matter where we’ve been or what we’ve done, we can always begin to begin again.

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But it starts with letting loose all those shackles of lies you’ve come to believe about yourself ( you’re not good enough, pretty enough, intelligent enough, skinny enough, muscular enough etc.,) all those things robbing you of your true identity, your dignity as a human being.

The Pope’s teaching is really not a new teaching, it is a new way of looking at what the Church has always taught and fought to protect i.e in each & every single one of us; therein is an inscriptions that God loves us beyond any sin or any adverse decision we’ve ever made or will ever make).

For me, Theology of the Body has taught me so many things.

  • I’ve come to be more aware of my good, bad & ugly
  • I’ve come to accept that I am weak man and only through prayer, confession, Eucharist etc., can I overcome those things in me that make unbecoming of being called a child of God
  • it has personally taught me a new-found respect for women
  • it has taught me to look far beyond the material appearances
  • it has affirmed my masculinity, my confidence in my sexuality

Yes it can be very hard indeed living out this teaching because then you are going against the status quo. But since I’ve become one of the champions I’ve never stopped trying to be better. Most of the time I’ve failed, but since I know my identity (& can clearly hear God’s merciful voice encouraging me) I begin again…then I fall, but I begin to begin again.

The key is tied to your identity, which identifies the ‘right’ path. So if you don’t know the right path, how do you know if you’re on it or not? So true love is impossible until you restore your identity and it’s dignity.

It’s a tall and lofty call, but I can testify it’s been worth every ounce of my strength trying to live this message out.

So I invite you to read some of the posts from our authors about what TOB means to all of us.

  • Bradley Page

    I empathise completely. What we believe about who we are will determine how we live. A lot of the message we get from media is that we are not good enough because don’t have the product, clothes or the right body. But who we are really before all those physical things are persons made in the image of God. And we really only begin to be satisfied when we get in touch with who God is and what it means for us.

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