“Prayer” in Sesotho   – by Diale Mabitsela

John Paul expresses the content of this thought with such precision and nuance in this statement: “His apostolate is an extension of his meditation”.

Prayer is the fertile soil of holy produce: the air in which we breathe and thus are able to act, water for the gills of a sea creature, visual stimuli feeding the eye’s insatiable hunger. The constant hum of micro aural activity and the occasional clang of loud sounds, each sustaining the ear in its purpose.

Our souls are dependent on prayer and without it, they shall surely whither away and die.

Have you ever sensed the presence of evil and yet felt no compulsion to rid the room of its stench? This perhaps is the soul, so deprived of prayer that it lies limp and under nourished. So distant from God that His disgust for the ways of the fallen angel does not even dare to caress our hearts. And so void of fiery zeal we remain unbothered by Satan who plies his trade, himself unbothered.

If anything can be said of who a Christian is and what typifies him/her, it should be said that he/she is a man/woman of much prayer, a prayer-glutton of the worst kind. Prayer is the primary act that affirms our faith. For to the eye of an atheist, to pray is to speak to the walls as if God were present. Surely then we who do (or should) pray much believe he is indeed real and furthermore, present in our midst.

In prayer, we listen to the wind as though it were his whispers. Surely then we believe that he speaks.

In prayer we live out our lives believing in his companionship. Surely then we believe he is with us.

So then it can be concluded, that though baptism is irrevocable, if a Christian doesn’t pray, then he is like a car that doesn’t move, parked in the carport, gathering dust upon his soul and losing battery power by the minute.

What hope is there then for chastity? What hope is there for success in marriage and in other relationships? Can we ever give ourselves in love as opposed to using the other in lust if we do not pray? Can we ever realise our vocation if we do not pray?

Theology of the Body (T.O.B) is the implicit teaching of Jesus Christ who himself prayed much!  T.O.B. is the direct teaching of  St John Paul II who himself also prayed much!

Chastity is the abundant fruit of grace given to those who ask. I do not believe that we can grow in chastity through sentiment alone. We have to ask and even plead for it from hearts bursting with desire and we have to constantly avail ourselves to receive it and thus to grow in it. Chastity, just as is the case with all the other virtues such as courage and compassion, is the fruit of prayer.

Therefore Brothers and Sisters, Let us pray!

  • Lynette

    Amen to that. Through prayer we get to know the One who made us, and to see why He made, in prayer we grow in awe of His unending love and mercies – what a pity it would be if we went through life unacquainted with One so great…

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