Ash Wednesday is nigh, are you ready for Lent 2015?

Diana Tsitsi Gracia Chigumba
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By: Jamie


Ash Wednesday is the day after tomorrow and Lent 2015 begins. Every year Lent comes along, and every year I wonder how I’m going to observe it better. Some years are better than others. Others not so much. I must confess I rarely go to an evening Ash Wednesday mass because Ash Wednesday is one of my ‘evangelisation days’. The cross on my forehead at work, in the gym etc. always gets looks, reminds others and sometimes gets a query, which I pray to answer well.

The main pillars of the Lenten season are prayer, fasting and alms-giving, all which I have lately been rather dismal at. I’m tempted to say I’ll do the Rosary daily, but something which I used to find real easy somewhat seems daunting this year. I’m at  loss as to how to stretch myself and grow my faith this year; I have The Soul of the Apostolate by Dom Chautard on my beside pedestal which I have vowed to actually finish this Lent, but other than that I’m at a bit of a loss.

So I turned to the Catholic blogo-sphere hoping to find something that will resonate, here are some of my favourite ones; though I’m yet to choose anything. Well I have one more day to decide.


  • On they collected some of Pope Francis’ suggestions, and I was struck by how I never seem to do enough alms giving and helping the poor so I really should incorporate that. Read their post here – > What Should I Do For Lent? Pope Francis’ 10 Tips 
  • Also from FOCUS comes “Lentsanity”.  It’s an app that bring you Lenten reflections and reminds you to abstain on Fridays nogal 🙂 You can follow Lentsanity online at or  you can download the app from the iTunes Store or Google Play.
  • Lifeteen has some pretty funny ones and some that boggle the mind, but it made me remember to live a sanctified life now and that the smallest change can become a sacrifice if done well and often. Read their suggestions here -> What to give up for lent: 20 weird ideas
  • Same as last year, Fr. Barron will be offering daily email reflections throughout the season of Lent. they are really good, my only problem is I then click through to a hundred other links all the time and waste time. Please link up with him and thousands other Catholics here -> Word on Fire blog

What are you giving up, adding or doing to observe Lent 2015? Share in the comment box below or on our Facebook page to inspire others.

Diana Tsitsi Gracia Chigumba

About Diana Tsitsi Gracia Chigumba

Diana is a radically pro-life catholic young fogey! Enjoying life and seeing where the good Lord leads is her passion, thou at times she wants to take control and finds it difficult to follow or hear Him.

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  • […] So Ash Wednesday has come and gone and lent has begun. Some might still be struggling with choosing a Lenten piety but it’s never too late to choose one during the season. Ask God to guide you in choosing one. You can find suggestions in our Ash Wednesday and Lent post here. […]

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