What Type of Ashes did you get on Ash Wednesday?

Diana Tsitsi Gracia Chigumba

AshWednesdaySo Ash Wednesday has come and gone and lent has begun. Some might still be struggling with choosing a Lenten piety but it’s never too late to choose one during the season. Ask God to guide you in choosing one. You can find suggestions in our Ash Wednesday and Lent post here.

On a lighter note, what ashes do you prefer for Ash Wednesday? Wet or dry, defined or barely there. Catholic social media has had some memes of the types of ashes you could have gotten yesterday. Below are some I got from FOCUS, read their post to get the names explained, and some were sent to me via Whatsapp. What did you get? Share your Ash Wednesday ashes below in the comment box or on Facebook.


I got a hybrid double wide thumbprint I think.

diana ash wed2015


Diana Tsitsi Gracia Chigumba

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Diana is a radically pro-life catholic young fogey! Enjoying life and seeing where the good Lord leads is her passion, thou at times she wants to take control and finds it difficult to follow or hear Him.

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