And so it begins! Our first retreat of the year this year is way up north in Tzaneen, Limpopo. We were invited by Bishop Emeritus Hugh Slattery and we are busy preparing now for it. The retreat will be held from the 27th of February to the 1st of March at the Ave Maria Pastoral Centre and we are expecting about 70 youth and their youth coordinators. It promises to be epic! It’s a jam-packed retreat, trying to cover the TOB for Teens program in its entirety, throw in some praise and worship, periods of silence, confessions, adoration and mass and voilà, the time will fly and we’ll try catch our breath on Sunday again as we drive back. I love retreat because they are always a reminder of our mission and they take us out of our ordinary lives and we encounter the Lord in very single one of the participants. They remind us that this life is a journey we do not have to walk alone and we can immerse ourselves in the fathers love by taking the time to retreat from daily lives and just be.


About 12 of us will have a 4 hour road-trip up there and this year we want to try something different. We are always trying to improve how we deliver the message of God’s love so we are taking a mini step out of our usual presentation box and will try to use more creative media during the retreat. We have a prep day coming up on the 21st of February so please keep us in your prayers, that the Holy Spirit guide us and that we follow His prompting. Also keep all the participants in your prayers that the message of God’s infinite love and mercy, that we are created for love, may land in fertile soil. Amen.

Diana Tsitsi Gracia Chigumba

About Diana Tsitsi Gracia Chigumba

Diana is a radically pro-life catholic young fogey! Enjoying life and seeing where the good Lord leads is her passion, thou at times she wants to take control and finds it difficult to follow or hear Him.

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  • Lyn

    Good to hear!! Will most certainly have you all in my prayers. All the best…

  • Lyn

    Great! Good to hear, will most certainly whisper a prayer for you all, all the best…

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