Untitled – A Poem

Shelley Efthymiades

How can I remember what I didn’t know I forgot?

They tell me where the answers are

But are these the answers that I want?
Am I a woman, is that who I am?


Does the X chromosome give my life a set plan?

Am I a dancer or an actress, a lawyer or a twin?

Do any of these labels define what lies within?
I say I am a Catholic but what does that really mean?

I’m trying to live in the image of Love

As the daughter of a King
The King gave me gifts,

Some I open and others I leave closed..

And the chances I miss to use them

Are those lost opportunities to get to know Him?


And if I don’t pick up a brush and paint my life on silence,

Letting pieces of the canvas show through,

Splashing it with the colours of music and people and service and dance and stories

And frame it in His Truth,

Then will I ever remember the things I forgot

The things He knows and always knew.

Shelley Efthymiades

About Shelley Efthymiades

Shelley is a cradle Catholic, loves the church and is very close to her family who have been her greatest teachers of the faith. She already has qualifications in Drama from Trinity College London and Wits School of the Arts and is currently completing her law degree. She has been involved with Theology of the Body courses for several years and runs a group for Christian girls rooted in TOB. Shelley loves to travel and her faith is bolstered by pilgrimages to Rome, The Holy Land and the Camino de Santiago.

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