TOB in Port Elizabeth Part I

Diana Tsitsi Gracia Chigumba

We recently got a lovely report from Eldeen Oosthuizen in PE about the work they have been doing. Find below what they had to say.

Here is Part I

Theology of the Body for Teens was introduced to us by Fr. Jonathan and Lashay Edgar in 2011 with the assistance and support of the Foundation of the Person and the Family situated in Johannesburg.We were a group of just more than 20 young people. The programme was amazing and life-changing. To this day the Foundation of the Person and the Family continue to assist, support and supply us with Theology of the Body material.

Moved by the message of chastity and purity, myself and five girls were inspired to spread the message. We started spreading the message at our parish but feeling that it was not enough, we dreamt about spreading the message to other parishes, so that this life-changing message could be heard. We prayed and asked God for assistance and little did we know what He had planned for us. Our aim is for these girls to respect their bodies, see their worth and to know that God loves them. This program allows them to heal, to experience love and a sisterhood. It also enables them to grow spiritually, in confidence and integrity, if they are open to it. The program only makes a difference in their lives if they are open to the message and willing to live out the lifestyle. This is a way of life, to live out chastity and purity throughout their lives not just till they get married.

I saw the needs of the girls and with permission of the Principle, Mrs Beck, I started TOB for teens in 2012 with a group of just more than 40, who took part in the program after school in my classroom. We ran the program for 10 weeks, the girls loved it and were moved by the message.We ended our program with a retreat and commitment ceremony held at Sacred Heart church hall. The retreat program consisted of a reflection on chastity, purity and living a good life and finally the commitment ceremony.We decided to go big and beautiful so that they know their commitment they make to live a chaste and pure life, is important and that they are important to God.

To make the retreats and camps amazing and special we have to do fundraising such as cake sales, raffles , or money donation forms and look for sponsorship. These funds go towards a special gift they receive, food and material need for the retreat/camp. The retreat was successful and the girls truly had a blessed time. I witnessed these girls grow so beautifully, and truly aspire to live a life of chastity and purity. To help them along their new journey, a three year program was initiated:

Year 1-Grade 10:
-Theology of the body for teens-DVD series
-First commitment retreat
Year 2-Grade 11:
-How to find your soul mate without losing your soul by Jason and Crystalina Evert- spiritual book club
-Commitment renewal retreat camp
Year 3-Grade 12:
-Freedom to Love- DVD series
-Final retreat and commitment resolution.

Stay tuned for Part II

Diana Tsitsi Gracia Chigumba

About Diana Tsitsi Gracia Chigumba

Diana is a radically pro-life catholic young fogey! Enjoying life and seeing where the good Lord leads is her passion, thou at times she wants to take control and finds it difficult to follow or hear Him.

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