What is TOB?

The Theology of the Body is the name given to the series of 129  reflections delivered by Pope St. John Paul II during his Wednesday Audiences, over a period of 5 years on the meaning of human life, love and sexuality. 

It is important to note that the Theology of the Body is nothing new. Instead, It presents a deeper understanding and a new appreciation for the in-depth, forgotten and unspoken reasons behind the Catholic Church's unwavering teachings on sexual morality.

Theology of the body is simply another way of saying “Made in the Image of God.” 

This means that our bodies are not only biological.  They are also, and even more so, theological.  Our bodies offer us, if we have the eyes to see it, a profound “study of God.” Just as a work of art points to the heart of the artist, so too does the human body point to the heart of the God who made us.

Jason Evert; Theology of His/Her body